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Statistics and Numbers

Like it or not, we’re surrounded by statistics. Car mileage consumption, acceleration rates and comparative top speeds fill advertisements and motor magazines. According to a Greek study, 47% of 2,500 adults were found to be less likely to develop heart disease when closely following a  Mediterranean diet. Abdominal aortic aneurysms are six times more likely to affect men than women. We are told that some toiletries can make skin softer with the results proven by 87% of a tiny sample of only a couple of hundred. Our teeth can become whiter and stronger with the validation and recommendation of dentists the world over citing their observed evidence.

Headaches back pain and stomach relief are guaranteed supported by the evidence of clinical test results (or so we are led to believe). We’re even excited when a drumming rabbit outperforms its rivals by 250% because it has a particular brand of battery stuffed in its back and are relieved in the knowledge that one particular lager refreshes the parts that others could not reach.

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