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John Pawson Cookware - Saucepan & Lid - 16cm

John Pawson Cookware - Saucepan & Lid - 16cm
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Manufactured by Demeyere, Belgium

We are so impressed by these pans we have found it very difficult to convey everything we felt should be said in such a small space. Below is a very condensed idea of just why we love these pans followed by a full explanation. We are sure you will be as hooked as we are!

Yorkshire-born John Pawson has been designing buildings, objects and interiors for over twenty-five years. He's recognised for a clean, restrained style characterised by a subtle balance of space, light and proportion.

Demeyere was founded in 1908 near Antwerp and has gained worldwide recognition for the consummate quality of its products and attention to technical detail.

They have combined to produce this incredible range of pans, which boasts some worldwide innovations and groundbreaking technologies.

• InductoSeal® base for stockpots and saucepans, ensuring no heat spots and optimum heat distribution.
• 7PlyMaterial® for frying and sauté© pans, keeping heat in the right areas.
• TriplInduc® secret formula of three alloys in every base to speed heating.
• ControlInduc® limiting pan temperature to maximum 480°F/250°C and avoid damaging pans.
• Silvinox® surface treatment, prolonging appearance of pans.
• Suitable for all heat sources.
• Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
• 30-year warranty, with 10-year professional warranty.

... and for those who are intrigued the full explanation ...

• Technology

The InductoSeal® base has been tailored for stock pots and saucepans and is composed of seven layers including stainless steel, silver, copper and silver again. The bottom three layers form Demeyere's patent TriplInduc®, a secret formula of three alloys, finished with a lazer-welded outer layer of steel.

Demeyere have developed 7PlyMaterial® for frying pans and conical sauté pans. This covers the entire surface and is also composed of seven layers, comprising the TriplInduc®, pure aluminium, stainless steel, aluminium alloy and again pure aluminium.

ControlInduc® is another ground-breaking technology pioneered by Demeyere. The pan can be left on the hob without over-heating. This special technology limits the pan to a maximum temperature of 480°F/250°C avoiding damage.

Silvinox® is Demeyere's surface treatment, an electro-chemical process which removes naturally occurring iron impurities from the stainless steel.

• Efficiency

The revolutionary InductoSeal® boils, steams and melts with remarkable ease. The exact diameter of the pot, a 2mm copper disc provides optimum distribution of heat over a surface 33% larger than conventional pans. This eradicates heat spots and amazingly means you have no need for a bain marie. Simply break pieces of chocolate into the pan on a medium/slow heat and simply marvel as it oozes calmly into a ganache! Its laser welding ensures no gaps between base and body for grease or dirt to compromise hygiene or performance.
Stainless steel sides keep heat inside the pan, rather than absorbing and distributing it upwards and sideways. Also stainless steel, the handles remain cool during hob use.

The 7PlyMaterial®, designed for the specific needs of frying, sauce making and slow cooking, covers the whole surface. The thickness of layers varies between pans, helping to regulate correct temperature and heat distribution for each cooking technique. A non-stick surface allows you to fry meat or fish without oil - the meat will release itself from the pan once the outside has caramelised. Just add patience!

Heavy double-sided lids have been proven to increase efficiency, using almost two thirds less energy than cooking without a lid, or with an ill-fitting or lightweight one. Increased insulation means heat turns to steam quicker and to a greater degree. You can steam chopped vegetables in a mere splash of water and with a decreased cooking time, saving you water, energy and time.

• Style

Silvinox® surface treatment guards against marking and fading, prolonging the pristine shine of the stainless steel.
Pawson's aim was creating "something which looked different, but right, equally at home over a flame or on a table. Modern but not modish and thus liable to lose its freshness quickly".

• Warranty

The John Pawson range not only has a 30-year domestic warranty, but a 10-year professional warranty - almost unheard of in the domestic market.

• Additional Details

Demeyere pans are suitable for use on all heat sources.
Demeyere pans are dishwasher safe.

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