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Richard Neutra is alive and well and can be found in Bradford!


Well, to be more precise, Richard Neutra’s furniture designs can now be seen for the very first time in Britain here at the Home.

Neutra was born in Vienna in 1892 and studied engineering and art as well as architecture and became an excellent draughtsman. This skill stood him in good stead when he emigrated to America in 1923. He initially worked for Frank Lloyd Wright but as work in the Wisconsin office began to dry up, Neutra continued his journey west and settled in Los Angeles just as Hollywood Continue reading →

Who Do We Think You Are?

Hockney-Salts-MillNow, let’s be honest, at times we all adore a bit of a snoop. There’s probably at least one celebrity’s home that you’d like to look round: not to see the carefully staged and styled glossy magazine shots but see the house in “the raw” as it’s lived in. There’s also at least one house that we all know and looks so intriguing that we’d love to check it out. After all, this is one of the main reasons that visiting stately homes and palaces is so popular. We’re desperate to see how other people live, as we believe that from this we can work out Continue reading →

Renaissance Pause

HAL-Rise-Table-Wood-TableIn the theatre, we still are allowed the luxury of intervals. The’ve generally vanished from cinemas but during plays, opera productions and concerts, the breathing space in the middle of  the programme provides the opportunity for a partially thawed ice cream, a luke warm soft drink or a pre-ordered and generally over priced glass of wine.

They used to be called intermissions but the origins of these programmed interruptions are considerably grander than the occasions that they have become.

In Italy, during the Renaissance, the dukes and the wealthy merchants Continue reading →

The Storage Story

1.CLC01BC-Le-Modulor-FigureThe haulage, distribution and warehousing industry seems to understand it well enough. Storage has officially become a science. The messages emblazoned on the sides of trucks tell the story loud and clear. Complex Logistics Integrated Supply Chain Management,  Warehouse Analysis and Global Location Operation and Movement Systems.

Not that long ago, when the world was a simpler and less scientific place, goods were made and lorries simply moved them. Today, however, sophisticated computer programmes, scanners, satellite tracking and positioning devices keep us informed Continue reading →

The Kitchen Revolution

toasterIt’s hardly surprising that we revere the mid century modern period, the years just after the Second World War. This was a time for celebration as peace was restored and a time for designers and artists to exercise the creative energy that had been repressed during years of austerity. This was also a time for developing new materials like plastics and nylon and old ones that had been refined and improved and were now in more plentiful supply as the armaments industry no longer took priority. Continue reading →