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In just over a week, it will be Remembrance Sunday. Formerly called Armistice Day, this date in November commemorates the end of The Great War and gives us an annual opportunity to recall all those killed in action and rejoice in the termination of hostilities. Remembrance Day has now Continue reading →

I am not a number…I have a name

Have you ever wondered why some streets have all the even numbers on one side and the odd numbers on the other side whilst other streets have both odd and even numbers on the same side. Just think of Number 10, Downing Street and it’s Continue reading →

Bring On The New But Keep The Old Too

In the aftermath of hurricanes afflicting less developed countries, along with the accounts of human suffering and individual heroism, came stories of community spirit and cohesion and selfless neighbourliness showing that out of adversity really does come some good.

More surprisingly, we have become aware of just how many affected homes are equipped with back up generators. Unfortunately, many of them do not click into action in the areas afflicted with power cuts because they had generally been installed in basements that were completely flooded with water or, even worse, raw sewage. These generators had originally been installed to provide power for heating and light and in New York’s skyscrapers, operate the lifts Continue reading →

Why and Wires Not

We were excited this week to learn that Unesco have granted World Heritage status to seventeen buildings designed by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. This re-opened a long standing, but never concluding, debate about which of Le Corbusier’s sites is our favourite. Unite d’habitation. Upturned concrete boat housing a gym, check, ushering in modern apartment living with onsite services, check, on stilts! Continue reading →