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Check Your Home

Start a conversation with people who live in flats and it won’t be long before they’re complaining about the high service charges and shared maintenance costs. They want to enjoy the benefit of shared facilities and not having to deal with things themselves but they simply cannot accept that costs go up and are often far more than just a few years ago.

There is an acceptance that building insurance costs may have increased and that the upkeep of gardens, lifts, window cleaning and lighting communal areas all cost more than in previous years but there is a strong reluctance to have to pay for it. You’ll soon hear the inevitable, woeful exclamation “If I lived in my own house, I wouldn’t have to pay all these expenses and, even if I did have to pay some of them, I’d be in control of them any way.”
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Moving Made Easy

We all know that moving house is a terribly stressful experience. The anxiety is partly caused by stepping into the unknown: a new neighbourhood with new neighbours and a home full of new pieces of equipment, each with its own idiosyncrasies, just like the people amongst whom you’ve chosen to live.

But before all that, you have to find the right property that you want to buy. This means scouring estate agents’ windows, receiving endless property details that don’t match the specification that you so laboriously went through, checking out web sites that show properties that look perfect but, sadly, have either just been sold or are far too expensive! Continue reading →

Everything Comes With Chips

To predict and then plan for the future, you have to understand what’s going on right now. To get to grips with the present, you need to comprehend what happened in the past. This may well be the value of studying history and nowhere is this more relevant than in the way we live at home.

Today, like it or not, our homes are full of microchips (microprocessors or micro-controllers or silicon chips, however you prefer to call them as well as their more recent hybrids the bionic chips). You probably already know they’re inside computers and mobile phones but they are also found in most of the simpler everyday gadgets and appliances around the house – digital weighing scales, clocks, microwaves, televisions, ipods and MP3 players, burglar alarms, central heating controls, toys and games, washing machines, remote controls and just about anything with a digital display. Our cars are full of them and are activated from the moment the “plip” is pressed to unlock the doors to the time the engine is switched off. Offices, factories and warehouses could barely operate without them. Continue reading →

Limited Edition & Signed Elm Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen

To honour Hans J. Wegner’s birthday, Carl Hansen & Søn is presenting the first-ever elm version of his Wishbone Chair, available in a limited, signed edition only available to order until April 27, 2017.

Collectors and design connoisseurs will have the opportunity to acquire a unique edition of Hans J. Wegner’s elegant Wishbone Chair when Carl Hansen & Søn offers the coveted design in oil-treated elm and natural paper cord. This is the first time the Wishbone Chair has been crafted using this strong, beautiful wood type. The special birthday elm edition is sourced from North American forests characterized by a very distinctive structure with visible grain and vivid color interplay. Continue reading →

I am not a number…I have a name

Have you ever wondered why some streets have all the even numbers on one side and the odd numbers on the other side whilst other streets have both odd and even numbers on the same side. Just think of Number 10, Downing Street and it’s Continue reading →